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How Single Source uses Critical Numbers

September 29, 2017

Have you ever heard the corporate phrase "eating our own dog food"? It doesn't sound very appetizing, but it's a concept that should sit well with anyone. Believed to have originated at Microsoft in the 1980s in reference to 1970s Alpo dog food commercials, the premise is that companies should use the same products it sells to its customers, especially the ones they develop themselves. Could you imagine an Alpo sales rep who feeds Purina to his own dog, or buying a Windows-based computer from a rep who processes the sale on a Macbook? 

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What Single Source Did on our Summer Vacation

September 18, 2017

Where in the world has Single Source been this summer? It has been a busy season, and the gang has been working hard as well as covering a lot of ground traveling for conferences, vacations, and family trips. From California to New York, from Wisconsin to Florida, see where our team has been and what they've been up to! 

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Welcome Aboard! Single Source's Employee Onboarding, Evalutation, and Retention

August 22, 2017

Here at Single Source, we take pride in our culture and the family we've created. Our company has been around for a long time, and so have many of our employees! However, that doesn't mean we can stagnate rather than continuing to evolve and improve. In fact, we haven't always been perfect when it comes to human resources. Especially when everyone is heads down working hard, it can be difficult to give employee-centric efforts the TLC they deserve.

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Meet Brenda!

August 16, 2017

Have you met Brenda? She's our Director of Sales and has been with our team since 2015. Brenda is a fabulous cook, loves spending time with her sons, and has a weakness for shoe shopping! If you've met her, you know how warm and energetic she is! 

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Inforum 2017: One for the Books!

July 24, 2017

Earlier this month, our team headed to the Big Apple for Inforum 2017. With 7,000 in attendance, this conference, held at the Javits Center, was an amazing whirlwind of innovation, education, and connection with customers and partners. Check out the recap video!

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Single Source Makes a Splash in the Community

July 20, 2017

At Single Source, people matter. And that doesn’t apply just to our own employees or clients… we care about the broader community around us. Giving back is an important part of our corporate mission, and these initiatives bring employees together while benefitting those outside of our office walls.

Here is a quick recap of our most recent efforts!

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Halfway through 2017, We Reflect on our Goals

June 30, 2017

Can you believe 2017 is already half over? Since our theme this year is "Ready for Takeoff," at this point we are at our cruising altitude, and that's a good opportunity to unwind and reflect a bit (seat belts optional).

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Leadership and Ongoing Education at Single Source

May 30, 2017

If you had to pick one factor that most affects your company’s success, what would it be? Something that is crucial to get right. A major long-term investment for your firm. Our answer... is people.

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Meet Jeff, Single Source's Director of Product Development!

April 25, 2017

Have you met Jeff? He's our Director of Product Development, and he's been with Single Source for 19 years - his one and only job after college! He and his wife Carrie met at Anderson University, where they both studied Computer Science. They actually both interned and worked at Single Source until Carrie decided to stay at home with their children, Skylar, Josiah, and Kelita. The family is active in Scouts and very outdoorsy, taking any opportunity to camp, canoe, hike, or bike.

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Single Source in the House!

March 20, 2017

Happy first day of spring! If you follow our President Cory Rhodes on Twitter, you know he has a penchant for the hashtag #SSSinthehouse. The last several weeks have been a whirlwind for Single Source! Our team has been traveling, presenting, networking, and taking plunges all over the country. Check out what we've been up to!

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